Q: What will I get in this course?

A: After you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • express 4 basic Chinese structures
  • express time and date
  • ask when, where, how, what, who, how many, how old questions
  • master usages of important adverbs in HSK 1
  • express the past, present and future tense

Q: Does this course require any background knowledge?

A: Yes. We expect you have spent around 30~50 hours on Chinese learning or mastered 150 basic Chinese words.

Q: What does "learning Chinese in Chinese" mean? Is it effective?

A: We've been teaching Chinese for more than 10 years and we found it's most effective when a student learns Chinese in Chinese. It means the teacher speaks in Chinese at the student's level so they can understand most of the words and can guess the rest from the pictures and examples. This method helps students learn the language very quickly and effectively. Learning Chinese in Chinese also lets learners improve pronunciation and tones quickly by listening to standard Chinese speaking.

Q: What if I don't understand any Chinese in the videos?

A: No worries. It takes time to get used to this method. Focus on guessing the meaning of words based on the pictures, context, and examples given by the teacher. After several lessons, it will get easier and easier to understand the Chinese words.

Q: Should I understand every single word the teacher says?

A: No, it's not necessary. The teacher will usually speak at a level a bit higher than yours so you will continue to focus and learn. This method will help you improve quickly. Try your best to get the main idea instead of every single word and you will find it's not so difficult to learn Chinese in Chinese.

Q: How many lessons should I complete each week?

A: It depends how soon you want to take the HSK1 exam. This course is nonlinear so you could actually learn whatever you want to learn in this course.