Flashcards are a method to help you memorize and recall new words. There are several ways to practice with flashcards.

Flashcard Mode (recommended)

This is a fast way to review all the new words in a lesson. You can press the SPACE bar or click on the card to flip it. Use this mode to quickly check whether you recall the meaning or the pinyin of a new word.

Learn Mode (recommended)

If you want to learn the new words one by one, this is a good mode to use. It presents each new word in 3 different ways until you remember the word correctly. It usually takes 5~10 minutes to complete all the new words.

Match Mode 

This is a timed game where you match the pinyin and English cards for each new word. The system will record your time so you can break your own record each time. It's a fun way to test whether you remember all the words.

There are several other modes to study flashcards. Try them all to find the mode you like best. There is no guaranteed way to remember a word, so find one that works for you.