HSK Courses

HSK1 - Trial course

This beginner course is specially designed for those who want to learn Chinese from the very start in a systematic way. No background knowledge is required. We’ll show you everything step by step.

Each of GoEast’s lessons in this course uses a real-world conversation to teach you a topic through a combination of video lessons, interactive exercises, and cultural articles.

The full HSK1 course offers:
- 86 vocabulary, conversation & grammar videos
- 55 exercises, 550 questions
- 60 flashcard sets
- 30 cultural articles
- 36 lessons with a professional Chinese teacher (either in a group (2-4 students) or 1-on-1 private)

This is a trial course with 3 chapters and a recorded live lesson session.
  • Lesson 1: Hello and Goodbye
  • Vocabulary: Hello and Goodbye sample
  • Vocabulary List: Hello and Goodbye sample
  • Flashcards (Pinyin): Hello and Goodbye sample
  • Conversation: Hello and Goodbye sample
  • Conversation Script: Hello and Goodbye sample
  • Conversation Exercises: Hello and Goodbye
  • Chinese Culture: Chinese Is Not Just One Language sample
  • Demo live lesson
  • HSK1 - Live lesson #1 (Demo)
  • Lesson 2: WHAT's YOUR NAME
  • Vocabulary: What's Your Name
  • Vocabulary List: What's Your Name
  • Flashcards (Pinyin): What's Your Name
  • Conversation: What's Your Name
  • Conversation Script: What's Your Name
  • Conversation Exercises: What's Your Name
  • Grammar: How to use "ne"
  • Grammar Exercises: How to use "ne"
  • Chinese Culture: All You Need to Know About Chinese Names
  • Live Session 2
  • Lesson 3: Where are you from?
  • Vocabulary: Where're You From
  • Vocabulary List: Where're You From
  • Flashcards (Pinyin): Where're You From
  • Conversation: Where're You From
  • Conversation Script: Where're You From
  • Conversation exercises: Where're You From
  • Grammar: Usage of "shì"
  • Grammar exercises: Usage of "shì"
  • Chinese Culture: The 4 Most Famous Cities in China
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed